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Carpet cleaning, in the context of a business, is the process of cleaning carpets, rugs, or upholstery in residential or commercial settings. Carpet cleaners need special equipment and chemicals to perform their duties and it is a labor intensive process.

Carpet Cleaning Process

Most carpet cleaners use a carpet steamer or water extractor as the main tool to clean. This machine sprays hot water on the carpet while at the same it vacuums both dirt and water from the carpet. Usually, a chemical or shampoo will be sprayed on the carpet as well to dissolve dirt and grime. At times, high traffic areas will need to be manually or automatically scrubbed with chemicals to loosen up stains and dirt. These carpet cleaning chemicals are usually bio-degradable and poses no risk to human health.

Another method for cleaning carpets relies primarily on chemicals, where a dry chemical powder is used to lift dirt off carpets. However, most people feel more comfortable with the use of water as it is what people usually relate to washing and cleaning.

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